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Sweet Sauces & Condiments

Sapa Sauce Mignon | 0.20 oz


Sapa Sauce Mignon | 0.20 oz


Azienda Agricola Si.Gi.

La Sapa is a sweet caramel-flavored condiment. Its density and its sour taste of cooked must with a pleasant bitter aftertaste make it special in combination with polenta with goat ricotta (dried, salted and smoked), as the Marche tradition teaches. Exquisite with seasoned and tasty cheeses, sapa goes very well with strawberries and as a sauce for cream and cream ice creams. In the summer, added to water, it becomes an excellent thirst-quencher, in fact, in ancient times, it was used together with the snow to create a granita.

Sapa is also called “cooked grape must”. The grape must is simmered in a copper pot for 24-36 hours. When it has reduced to one third of its original quantity it is ready. The high sugar content acts as a preservative. The Sapa is a dense sweet caramel sauce with a tart aftertaste that is traditionally paired with polenta and goats cheese. It is also excellent with strawberries, and as a sauce for ice cream. In the summer it makes a delicious thirst quencher, diluted with water. In ancient times it was mixed with snow to create granita.

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