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Savory Sauces & Condiments

Seasoned “Leccine” Red Olives in Oil | Assorted Sizes


Seasoned “Leccine” Red Olives in Oil | Assorted Sizes

from 8.35

I Contadini

In sunflower seed oil and extra virgin olive oil.

Ingredients: “Leccine” type olives (65%), extra virgin olive oil (30%), hot pepper, herbs, unrefined sea salt, garlic, lemon juice.

The leccine olives are typical of the low Salento. The expert peasants collect them from the olive tree halfway through veraison, between October and November. They take them into the company that we provide for the process of deamarization. After being selected, washed and divided by size, the olives are left to rest in water and salt for about six months. It's a long, challenging method, but it's a traditional system 
we care about because it produces excellent results. Which are enhanced even more by the last step: the manual potting, in which the olives are added to spices and hot peppers before being covered with extra virgin olive oil.

Our small homegrown olives can not miss in the kitchen. They are excellent in taste, in versatility, in the ability to adapt to a thousand uses. Excellent as a snack or aperitif, enhance every green salad or potato. They are excellent with meat pizzaiola or baked fish. And then, off to the imagination!

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