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Savory Sauces & Condiments

Peeled Tomatoes | 17.7 oz

Peeled tom.png
Peeled tom.png

Peeled Tomatoes | 17.7 oz


Donna Francesca - Sapori in Corso, S.R.L.

100% Italian handcrafted tomato.

Ingredients: Hand peeled tomatoes.

Craftsmanship, with its secrets and flavors of a rural world, is preserved in the 100% Italian, or rather Apulian, tomato products, respecting a principle of raw material at Kilometro Zero. Oblong, round and cherry tomatoes are selected with the utmost care to preserve in jars the unique scent and flavor of the Apulian summer. After harvesting, they are deprived of the peduncle by manual operations, a few hours after having been harvested.

Washed with running water they are blanched and pureed, or left in jars closed with airtight metal plugs; finally they are pasteurized and cooled at room temperature. These processes bring tomatoes to life again. Traditional puree, the tomato cherry in sauce and raw, peeled tomatoes are products that keep the typical organoleptic characteristics intact, thanks to careful processing.The total absence of preservatives and aromas allows the tasting of a product with authentic and fresh flavor.

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