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Meats & Cheeses

Puja | Price per lb.


Puja | Price per lb.


Antica Fattoria La Parrina de Maremma

Organic - Blue Cheese - Medium aged - 100% Cow Milk

PROCESSING CHARACTERISTICS: The cheese Puja, whose name has Etruscan origin and means "wife" has a slow and complex process. After being pasteurized, are inserted in the cow milk ferments, rennet and the noble blue mold called Penicillium roqueforti: the curd is broken into cubes of 1 x 1 cm. The cheese is then maintained in the cell at 10°C where the first blue mold develops on the surface, is then perforated to allow the growth of mold even inside. The curd must dry very well and slowly so it can reach the right consistency and obtain the subsequent development of blue mold.

VISUAL INSPECTION: Rather irregular cylindrical shape with substantial crust, wrinkled and gray, with blue speckles.

OLFACTORY: The smell is very intense, with a bouquet very special for nose.

TASTE: The flavor is salty and distinct, a little sweet at the end; perceptions in the mouth are rich and intense; very persistent aftertaste.

MATCHING: Goes well with the white wine Parrina Vermentino D.O.C. It is excellent for flavoring sauces: cooking, in fact, enhances the pleasant aroma.

OPTIMAL CONSERVATION: The cheese should be kept in ventilated refrigerator at 4°C. Once engraved the shape, the interior must remain in contact with a transparent plastic film to be changed every 5 days. The cheese can not be frozen or maintained at temperatures above 10°C.

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