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Meats & Cheeses

Capra Stagionato | Price per lb.


Capra Stagionato | Price per lb.


Antica Fattoria La Parrina de Maremma

Organic - Ripened 8+ months - 100% Goat Milk

PROCESSING CHARACTERISTICS: This is a special product born from the will to create a "unique" cheese. The processing is the result of lengthy research. After being pasteurized, are inserted in goat's milk ferments and rennet: the curd is broken to the size of a rice grain.

Following the serum is separated and is given the form to cheese. The stewing is done until reaching pH 4.8. The forms can also be personalized with the name of the customer.

VISUAL INSPECTION: The crust is firm, hard and brown color due to treatment with organic olive oil and tomato paste. The dough is white.

OLFACTORY: The smell is very intense with a hint of acid and the classic smell of goat milk.

TASTE: The flavor is acidic at the beginning and determined at the end; perceptions in the mouth are rich and intense; persistent aftertaste, slightly chilly.

MATCHING: We recommend combining it to Parrina Merlot Radaia D.O.C. You can also taste it accompanied by Parrina honey and jams.

OPTIMAL CONSERVATION: The cheese should be kept in ventilated refrigerator at 4°C. Once engraved the shape, the interior must remain in contact with a transparent plastic film to be changed every 5 days. The cheese can not be frozen or maintained at temperatures above 10° C.

Displayed price is per pound (lb.).

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