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Sun-Dried Eggplant in Oil  8.11 oz

Gourmet Food

We pride ourselves on selling the greatest delicacies from all around the world. 

Sun-Dried Eggplant in Oil 8.11 oz

eggplant 2.PNG
eggplant 2.PNG

Sun-Dried Eggplant in Oil 8.11 oz


Sun-dried eggplants
Sun-dried aubergines (65%),
extra virgin olive oil (30%),
capers, unrefined seasalt, hot
pepper, apple cider vinegar,
mint , aromatic herbs, garlic,
lemon juice.
230 g
cod. MLSE0230
box 6 pz
cod. MLSG1600
box 2 pz
1600 g *
Our aubergines are cultivated in open field in April and are
picked by hand in the months of July and August. In our
farm they are washed, selected, cut into slices, salted, put on
desiccation frames and laid in the sun for 3-4 days. Then they
are selected, washed and seasoned with Mediterranean spices
and put in extra-fine-olive-oil. To obtain 500 Gr. of dried
aubergines we need about 10 Kg of fresh aubergines and more
than 130 working hours. Still today many families in the south
used to conserve aubergines in thousand different ways. We
try to reproduce the same love for these vegetables and to
maintain the traditional working process.
They have a resolute and determinate taste. Very good
for a sandwich or on pizza. If boiled in water with some
wine-vinegar for few minutes, they become an excellent
ingredient to prepare rolls stuffed with fresh cheese, tuna and
capers. Taste them also as hors d’oeuvre or after the Parmesan
In sunflower seed
oil and extra virgin
olive oil.


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