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Natural Long Peeled Tomatoes in Brine 19.40 0z

Gourmet Food

We pride ourselves on selling the greatest delicacies from all around the world. 

Natural Long Peeled Tomatoes in Brine 19.40 0z


Natural Long Peeled Tomatoes in Brine 19.40 0z


“I Pelati”
hand made peeled long tomatoes au naturel
That’s a turgid and pulpy tomato, excellent cut into rings
on pizza, perfect in large chunks to enrich a seafood pasta.
This tomato gives freshness to all dishes!
This sort of tomato is cultivated in open field in our farm
from april to may. Tomatoes are picked by hand in the
months of july and august and are treated in an artisanal
art from fresh: they are slightly scalded, peeled and put
into glass jars exsclusively by hand.
At the opening of the jar, you will smell all the flavor of the fresh tomatoes.

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