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Organic Home Made Tomato Sauce 17.64 oz

Gourmet Food

We pride ourselves on selling the greatest delicacies from all around the world. 

Organic Home Made Tomato Sauce 17.64 oz


Organic Home Made Tomato Sauce 17.64 oz


“La bio”
organic home made tomato sauce
It is an artisanal, rustic, pulpy tomato sauce and is ready
in 5 minutes cooking. It is very pulpy and is very suitable
for our local dishes. Delicious on home-made pasta, in the
lasagna or in the aubergines parmesan. Try it also on pizza
in order to appreciate its brilliant red colour!
For this sauce we use biological tomatoes which are
cultivated in open field. They are picked by hand in the
months of July and August and are treated in an artisanal
art. They are scalded, strained, bottled with fresh basil
without the adding of salt, and pasteurized. At the
opening of the bottle, you will discover the flavors of fresh home made tomato sauce.

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