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Capers from Salento in sea salt 5.30 0z

Gourmet Food

We pride ourselves on selling the greatest delicacies from all around the world. 

Capers from Salento in sea salt 5.30 0z


Capers from Salento in sea salt 5.30 0z


Capers from Salento in sea salt
Capers (60%), unrefined seasalt
150 g
cod. CPPS0150
box 6 pz
Capers are typical of the Salento landscape and of the country
tradition. During all the ‘900 whole families got up very early
in the morning and went to the countryside to pick the capers
up, one by one, from the low and bushy plants. In the ’70
the town of Racale was a leader in the production of capers.
Unfortunately not many peasants bring now capers to our
farm because, the most prefer to keep them for themselves.
When capers arrive to our factory, they are washed, removed
from their petiole and preserved with salt for 3-4 months.
After that, we drain the water in excess and we add dried
sea-salt coming from the Salinas of Margherita di Savoia,
then capers are bottled natural, as they are. Recently we
have planted fields of new caper-plants in our area, and have
started to promote the importance of “the caper” not only in
our nation but also in foreign countries. This project can maybe
give a favourable incentive to fight the present state of crisis
of our territory.
The “caper of Racale” is a smell-full and unique berry. It can
be added to green-salads or potato-salads, stewed meat with
white wine or to pasta after the pizzaiola manner. We also
use them to prepare the “pittule” ( savory fritters: a specialty
of Salento), delicious with pieces of tomatoes, capers and

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