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Artichokes pâté 8.11 oz

Gourmet Food

We pride ourselves on selling the greatest delicacies from all around the world. 

Artichokes pâté 8.11 oz


Artichokes pâté 8.11 oz


Artichokes pâté
Artichokes (70%), extra
virgin olive oil, apple vinegar,
unrefined seasalt, lemon-juice.
The Violetto Brindisino is a very special native variety of
artichoke. The name comes from the special purple colour
of the artichoke as it ripens. We grow these artichokes from
October and harvest them from March to early June. The
artichokes are harvested and delicately prepared by hand, in a
period of just 24 hours.
This variety of artichoke has a high inulin content, a very
small amount of insoluble fibre and a high potassium content.
These characteristics make it both soft and particularly full of
flavour. And not only is it tasty, it is also exceedingly healthy: it
stimulates bile secretion, lowers cholesterol, and also regulates
bowel and bladder functions.
The pâté is prepared simply, with artichokes and extra virgin
olive oil. There’s no need to add anything else.
Artichoke pâté is a very mild product that is perfect on pasta
– an excellent filling for lasagne, for example – and it is also
marvellous on toasted bread, especially the Pane di Altamura
variety, a great filling for ravioli, savoury tarts, olive bread and
bread rolls.
230 g
cod. PTCE0230
box 6

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